The Gentlemen`s Agreement Band

by admin on April 12th, 2021

When did you first start taking care of the bands? Waldo: I started playing with bands when I was 9 when I started drinking beer. I discovered that it was a great way to drink for free. Alain: The band started 5 years ago as a great group (we say pretty great group of friends) of different garage/mod bands like Sheetah – the Weissmuller, Towerbrown, Penelope, The Fuggets, Les Arondes, The Link Quartet, the Braqueurs. We have made some personal changes, but the group keeps the same spirit. If you can get into the details of the gentlemen`s agreements? How did the band form? Alain: We started to be a cover band, so let`s try to make a nice conceptual album. It`s more psychedelic, but I still think dancehall. Coog: I remember the huge galactic tube of a group that you can hear on Earth in 2765. As far as the band is concerned, it seems to be a secondary project of various other bands, of which we have covered a few here: Towerbrown, Sheetah and Les Weissmuller, Penelope, The Fuggets and the Link Quartet. I don`t know if it`s just a soff or if they`re planning more, but you can follow the group`s Facebook page to find either way.

The group has a large group of supporters in England. Are you going to come and play in England for your fans? A Gentlemen`s Agreement was created in late 2012 and released its first EP “A Well Dressed Pig” in early 2013. The band then followed their EP with the release of the single and music video “Nobody”, which was premiered on Kill Your Stereo and broadcast on radio stations across Australia. The video was broadcast on ABC Rage. Barnabas: Our influences are the hairy ribbons of the 60s. Alain: At the age of 11, with guys for the fashion scene in Avignon. The band was called Boolings. Alain: The Gentlemen`s Agreements started as a group, and then we started composing our material.

The new album is full of our compositions, we write very quickly. We steal things we love on our favorite records and we make it our thing. Who would you say the Quintessenz Mod Revival Band? The Jam? Prisoners? The clique? Added to this is France`s response to all the gentlemen`s agreements mentioned above.

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