Ubcfa Collective Agreement

by admin on December 19th, 2020

In January 2020, the UBC and Faculty Association negotiating teams agreed on a new contract for the period from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2022. A membership information sheet was published (available on our negotiating blog) and the collective agreement was ratified by both parties in February 2020. A compendium of the agreement has also been published. “I hope that both sides will be able to agree on how to reduce the precarious nature of these contractual appointments.” “I am shocked that the administration would put this proposal on the table,” he said. He believes that a reduction in the article would “undermine the collective voice of the faculty” and deprive the university of the “decisive role [of UBCFA] in ensuring the implementation of the university`s governance processes. Colleagues, the University of Guelph Faculty Association would like to fully support our brothers and sisters who work at UNBC. After only unionising in 2006, we are only too aware of the difficulties associated with negotiating a first agreement. That this does not prevent you from doing your mission; A fair and equitable agreement. These are certainly difficult times, but please know that UGFA and all its members support you and will follow the line with you if we can. Honestly, Kelly Meckling President – University of Guelph Faculty Association Currently, approximately 240,000 public sector employees are now covered by interim or ratified agreements that are covered as part of B.C` sustainable services negotiation mandate. UNBC`s current proposal provides for annual minimum wage increases of 0/1/1/1.5 / 1.5% for all FA members during the five-year agreement, in accordance with the provincial government`s mandate for economic stability. This mandate has been accepted in agreements for more than 200,000 people representing two-thirds of the BC`s public sector.

It took nine months of negotiations, including 30 days of Labour Council mediation, to negotiate an agreement in which most of the articles were either literally or essentially those of the 2012222014 faculty agreement. If the administration had not vigorously denied the articles of the “old” agreement for the first six months of negotiations, we would probably not be on strike today. This article currently allows UBCFA to represent faculty members “beyond the business of the collective agreement” and to lose it would mean that the association would not be able to represent its members in “external” scenarios such as the departure of former UBC President Arvind Gupta. The collective agreement between UBC and uBC Faculty Association is the legal document to protect your rights and regulate your work as employees of UBC.

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