Tenancy Agreements Cyprus

by admin on December 18th, 2020

You are right. The owners in Cyprus are cruel and few of them or good especially those who are civilized and traveeled from Cyprus… Imagine I was the best tenant of my house even me and my club owner, but my rent was due to pay and with a lot of pressure my room left coz we gave him 5000L on 6000TL and he threw the 5000TL at my friend so my friend went. I have my rent on me and he told me to unpack, if I couldn`t get another room, that he needed the full rent. moreso last year the house was very bad and with my money, I bought chairs, tv, new range of toilets, bed with my money. What I would like now to coz the pressure is a lot that I should get another Rromate and try my best every day, but a new student will arrive soon If the rent is payable every week, monthly or annual, the rent is considered as such and the landlord must have a correct opinion of the last day the rent is due. Before considering real estate in Cyprus, it is good to know the strength of your position as a potential tenant. Think seriously about why you`re moving. Decide what you like – enjoy your current home and what you hope to find in a new home. Note your three most important factors for choosing a Larnaca property, for example: price, location, furniture style, build quality, proximity to noisy bars, etc. Make sure you are able to legally announce your current lease and check the nearest date you can move. At the expiry or end of the first lease, the law provides for an agreed increase in the existing rent of up to 14%, but not before the expiry of a two-year period from the date of the last application or the last voluntary increase. If the tenant refuses, the rental control courts will set a “reasonable rent” taking into account the opinion of the official assessor and factors such as age, size, location and condition.

A rent control court is composed of a president (who is a magistrate) and two lay members representing tenants and landlords. A written tenancy agreement of more than one year, without being signed in the presence of two witnesses, is valid only for one year and then becomes weekly, monthly or otherwise, depending on how the rent is to be paid. For the termination of such a lease, the aforementioned period is applicable, unless the time limit specified in the lease has expired. To avoid misunderstandings, determine which party is responsible for what fees. Typically, with Cyprus Life, the tenant is generally responsible for electricity, television, telephone, water, gas and diesel, while the owner is generally responsible for municipal taxes, municipal taxes, property taxes and property insurance. Please explain that oral agreements or supplements are included in the contract. Read the lease with Cyprus carefully before signing it. Always keep a copy of the owner`s signed contract safe for the duration of the term. All you have to do is transfer the utilities to Larnaca at least one day before the full key game. The tenant cannot pay rent or cause damage to property or furniture, or even insist on staying in possession without paying rent.

The owner should correctly identify his legal rights and decide correctly how he will proceed in order to avoid a procedure that falls into the void.

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