Mighty Campers Rental Agreement

by admin on December 12th, 2020

This applies to changing the type of vehicle, reducing the number of rental days, changing pickup dates and/or changing the collection or pickup location. Voluntary demotion If the tenant chooses a vehicle smaller than the one reserved, he is not entitled to a refund. Note: Mighty reserves the right to refuse any rental at its sole discretion. All the information provided has been collected by us (Motorhome Bookers Ltd) in the most detailed way possible and on the basis of the information provided to us. This information comes from the conditions of the lessor they have provided us. All additional conditions are included in the lease agreement signed by you and the owner. You will receive the full list of rental conditions with your rental agreement that you sign when picking up your vehicle. We cannot take responsibility for the differences that appear between our list of conditions and those of the owner. CONDITIONS AND CONDITIONS Here is a summary of the rental conditions. You will find detailed conditions in the rental contract provided when the vehicle is withdrawn.

Please note that all prices shown in this document are expressed in Australian dollars. Prices and conditions can be changed without notice. FLEX RATEThe slippery interest rate depends on the date of collection, location and date of booking for rent up to 30 days. After every 30 days, the sliding interest rate is reset at the current rate on that date (i.e. the 31st, 61st day of the rent, etc.). This large camper sleeps 4 and can be rented by runners who are 18 and up. There are two double beds. Multiple RentalsIn effect, you have more than one consecutive rent in the Mighty Double Down Camper rental in Australia.

they can be combined for longer-term rent reductions on daily vehicle rates. If a customer has more than one consecutive rental, it can be combined to qualify for longer-term rent discounts of the vehicle price. Campervan rentals in Australia and New Zealand for Mighty Campers, Maui and Britz can be combined to qualify if the vehicle pickup date is within 3 months. For all rents to qualify, each booking must be made at the same time. If a customer makes another booking at a later date, the new booking can be combined to qualify if the vehicle`s pickup date is within 3 months, but the original bookings can only receive a discount if the reservations or reservations have not already arrived. If several rentals are in the same country and the total number of days exceeds 50 days, only the maximum fee for the “liability reduction option” insurance or the all-inclusive option applies. If you combine a rental car with another Mighty campervan that has a more expensive all-inclusive option, the more expensive all-inclusive supplement is charged to the maximum. Vehicle security bonds can be transferred between most multiple rents.

This service is available as long as the warranties and currency of the vehicle are the same. The long-term rent reduction applies to the sum of all days of rent combined. However, each individual and/or location fee is charged separately for each rental. If many rentals are more than 100 days old, these prices and conditions do not apply. Requests for offers/bookings of more than 100 days must first be sent by email or phone. These campers are cheaper because they are from the old fleet. They have been well maintained and maintained, and there is always the assurance of full troubleshooting insurance. The Mighty Double Down is more than 5 years old.

RENTAL DURATION – Minimum rent for campervan rental in Australia with Mighty is indicated 5 days for the same city rental, with the exception of the list below.

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