Mercedes Car Agreement

by admin on December 12th, 2020

You are nearing the end of your lease. There are a number of options that you are approaching at the end of your financial agreement, and your trader will contact you for details. At the beginning of your agreement, you pay a pre-rent in advance. Your monthly rents are based on the difference between the initial value of the vehicle and the projected residual value at the end of your agreement. As a result, only a portion of the value of the vehicle is refunded, which reduces monthly payments. If you`re nearing the end of your agreement and you`re still not sure you can take the next steps, you`ll find all the information you need about your contract plan in the sections below. At the end of your agreement, you have three options. Add a contact to your agreement if you want to allow someone else to speak or write on your behalf of your funding contract. Return your vehicle at the end of your agreement without making any other payments, except for any excessive mileage, damage or service history. For more information on the return process, including our return standards for vehicles and booking an inspection/collection, see the “Return of Your Vehicle” section below. Your first-class rental contract requires these minimum covers: you can print your digital service book at Mercedes me or your dealership for you. If you wish to have a service before the end of the contract, we advise you to use a Mercedes-Benz dealership which: your Agility financing contract gives you the opportunity to exchange your current vehicle for a brand new Mercedes. All Mercedes-Benz and smart showrooms are open.

Visit the online showroom for all current offers throughout the range. We also call you to find out what your plans are, but if you prefer, you can email us. As a reminder, your end-of-contract options are: Return your vehicle. If you want to return your vehicle, our logistics partner British Car Auctions will handle this. They will contact you soon to arrange the pickup of your vehicle (unless you have chosen another end-of-contract option). If you have any questions, please email Renew your current contract for 1 to 3 months.

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