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by admin on December 11th, 2020

Will authors see an increase in publication fees? If you would like information on how to get permission for these applications, click here or if you would like to use this article for commercial purposes, please visit the Permissions Assistance Centre. No, no editorial changes are expected in the peer review process, although improvements are being made to facilitate faster access to news articles. Will printed copies of the magazine still be available? It provides maximum visibility for published works and facilitates the mention and dissemination of information, all of which are consistent with PSA`s vision of being the world`s most respected resource for poultry science. In addition, the expectations of the academic community and publishing trends are in line with the free availability (at no cost to the reader) of research results, especially when they are publicly funded. Why transfer our magazines to Elsevier? What is the new publishing contract with Elsevier? Yes, PSA members pay $1500 per item and non-members $2000 per item. These charges are the same for both statements. The authors sign an exclusive licensing agreement in which the authors have copyright, but exclusive license rights in their article to the publisher. In this case, the authors have the right: for the journal Poultry ScienceĀ© there will be no substantial changes to the formatting or reference formatting of the manuscripts; However, the Commission recently authorized the merging of the “Genetics and Genomics” and “Molecular and Cellular Biology” sections into a new single section of “genetic and molecular biology.” According to the Journal of Applied Poultry Research, the authors use the same reference format as Poultry ScienceĀ©, while the manuscript style and structure remain the same. These changes will take effect for manuscripts submitted after October 1, 2019. No further significant changes are being considered at this time, although some aspects of magazine and website coverage are being reviewed.

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