Fair Pay Agreement

by admin on December 8th, 2020

Since we already have a strong collective agreement and union affiliation, there is no need to create a fair collective agreement for teachers or headteachers. They are intended to cover areas where this is not the case. Collective agreements continue where they already exist or where workers can be organized to negotiate new ones. Please email us at fairpayagreements@mbie.govt.nz for more information on the Fair Pay Agreements policy process. Regional differences can be taken into account in fair pay agreements, as well as career differences in agreements. One of the advantages of fair-pay agreements is to ensure that the regional economy does not suffer from lower wages leading to poorer communities. He said the CTU expected the government to move quickly to put in place fair wage agreements. Fair agreements will ensure that all workers receive a fairer share of our economy`s income. And also over time, because since the 1980s, the share of the labour force in income has declined. More than 10% of the country`s revenues, or more than $20 billion a year, have been transferred from salaries to corporate profits. The mechanisms for negotiating fair wage agreements will be very different from the ones we have for collective agreements. If the employer and the employee cannot agree on conditions, these conditions are set by a conciliation system.

This approach recognizes that strikes and other forms of organized worker influence would not be possible in largely non-unionized sectors. “It`s a fair goal for workers and servants,” he said. He said that fair wage agreements were expected and that the need is there. The Fair Payment Agreements (VPA) campaign aims to establish a fair and basic employment conditions in a sector based on employment standards in this sector. Fair wage agreements take control of this situation by setting conditions that employers in this sector must respect. They create a level playing field, specific and relevant to a particular sector, so that good employers are not penalized by offering reasonable and sectoral wages and conditions. It provides a decent life for workers in this sector. As a country, we benefit because higher wages and productivity will improve economic growth. The VPA establishes collective agreements beyond a single employer or multiple employers in an entire sector (regional or national).

Workers will be able to negotiate an agreement – a set of industry-wide minimum wages and conditions that can be improved through collective agreements with one or more employers.

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