Collaboration Agreement Drafting

by admin on December 5th, 2020

Here are some important elements of the cooperation agreement: it is also important to indicate the exclusivity of the license. Is the license (or license option) an exclusive license or a non-exclusive license? Is the license exclusive by country or region? Is the license limited by culture? By product? In time? Or is the license more general? Most companies (and many other employees) will want some kind of exclusivity in their license (or option on a license). It may be reasonable for such a cooperation partner to have an exclusive right for a specified period of time, for a well-defined area of intervention, or for a territory or combination of these partners. Most organizations are reluctant to bring their resources to an agreement if the organization does not have an exclusive license, since its competitors can also apply for a license. Under the federal copyright law, a Community work is considered, without specific agreement, as a “common work” with copyright co-ownership and an equal share of royalties. Without a collaboration agreement, you cannot grant a unilateral license (for example. B give someone else the opportunity to use your logo) or sell your product or project without the agreement of both manufacturers. And the conflict between employees can arise if there are several exclusive licensing or purchase offers that require employees to make a common decision. It also means that if you and your partner are working on a collaborative writing project, but your partner decides that he or she doesn`t want to go ahead and publish your project, your project is dead. And despite all the time and effort you will devote to the cooperation project, you cannot move forward without your partner`s agreement. Enter the collaboration agreement.

A cooperation or cooperation of works, an agreement is a contract that presents the peculiarities of your cooperation, copyright and ownership over ideas, as well as what happens when cooperation ends. You can design the agreement to help one party face the other, which is often the case when one party asks for the help of another party to work together on something. As was his original idea, the sponsor – the party that initiated the collaboration – wants to take most of the profits and own the copyright.

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